Video and photography for StormGathering

New work added from a telecommunication conference held in London, this was held at the uber-cool Ace Hotel on Shoreditch High Street. The space was well presented and the view was beautiful, especially at night.

Services included print and digital design as well as documenting the day with video/photography. The logo was animated and redesigned to align with the company’s brand.

SpeechStorm acquired by Genesys


In December 2015 Genesys acquired SpeechStorm in a move to enhance their omni-channel contact centre solution.

Genesys, is a company that sells customer experience and call centre technology to mid-sized and large businesses. It sells both cloud-based and on-premises software.

Wikipedia (February 2016)

I’ll be working with a new brand in the near future so I thought it appropriate to look back over the year. It was logical for a small company like SpeechStorm to hire a dedicated in-house graphic designer to meet their creative needs, it showed me that the company understood the benefits of, and appreciated, good graphic design. I immersed myself into the brand, becoming a guardian of some sort, leading visual identity decisions and advising on design related queries on UX/UI.

SpeechStorm year in review

Branded material, photography, and video from over the last 12 months at SpeechStorm.


Graphic Designer at SpeechStorm

Software developer SpeechStorm specialise in optimising customer service systems and interactive voice recognition (IVR). They work with some of the biggest players in telecoms, retail, financial services and utilities across the globe.

We have started on completing the brand refresh, which involves working with Tunbridge Wells agency, Yoyo Design, who are working to bring together the company image by defining the visual language and perhaps introducing new communication elements such as a ‘mascot’.

This week, being my first, has already started great. I’ve met some friendly people, talked about some exciting upcoming projects, ate some tasty food and look forward to more. One of the first tasks I worked on was to design the jersey for a group of cyclists at SpeechStorm that are riding 165km from Dunkerque to Roubaix with SpeechStorm in aid of Guide Dogs.

Baseline overprint poster signing

These sheets are overprints from the production of various Baseline issues. Images will show inposition pages from Baseline articles as well as, in some instances, images from other, unrelated and random jobs which were going through on press at the time. View the collection here.

This week a reader from USA purchased an overprint poster, No. 5, and as part of the Baseline team I had the pleasure to sign the poster and prepare it for shipment.






Junior Designer for HDR Visual Communication/Baseline

My time as Campus Officer has come to the end for Maidstone UCA and a new adventure awaits. Hidden away in the small village of East Malling, West of Maidstone, is Bradbourne House. The HDR studio is based in the converted barn (pictured above) on the estate.

The house was built in Tudor times and extended over time, it sits besides a lake filled with geese, ducks and carp. The estate is run by East Malling Research Trust that specialises in horticultural research, the grounds are littered with experimental fruit orchards and strawberry fields.

Bradbourne House, East Malling. June 2014.

I’ll be working with Directors Veronika and Hans Dieter Reichert with Baseline Magazine and other projects as Junior Designer.