Sense of Place

Visited a great local exhibition called ‘Sense of Place’. The projects included analogue and digital print (experimental and manipulation), graphic design, photography, sculpture, book art, architecture, audio and illustration. It was very good to see a variety disciplines, academics and students exhibiting together, especially at the start of the academic year. Hopefully the show will inspire some of the students starting this year.




‘A Sense of Place is a collaborative project between UCA Canterbury and Le Havre ESADHaR Universities.

Staff and students have been exploring and mapping the, social, cultural, historical and architectural contrasts between these two World Heritage sites; from Canterbury’s medieval footprint to Peret’s modernist utopian city.

The responses have been generated through diverse graphic art processes, creating prints, photographic images, book art to installations and wallpaper designs. The work therefore questions individual’s concepts of identity, belonging and culture within these contrasting environments and their sense of place.’

(Source: UCA)

A Sense of Place
15 September – 4 October
Herbert Read Gallery, University for the Creative Arts (UCA) Canterbury, New Dover Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 3AN