StormGathering – telecomunication conference

Event design for an annual user telecommunication technology conference.

Logo, logo animation, brochures, pull-up banners, name badges, folders, collateral (programme, agenda, feedback form), gala dinner menu, Powerpoint template, photography and video.

Ace Hotel, Shoreditch, London

Summer Festival

It’s that time of year again, where the daily lottery of it being a sunny day begins. The town prepares for it’s annual art and culture event, the summer festival, hosting a variety of activities such as music, dance, and street theatre.

Promotional material designed for the event included posters, programmes, flyers, and digital media for social campaigns.

Maidstone Arts Festival poster
Maidstone Arts Festival poster
Event map, showing locations across town
Event map, showing locations across town
Event programme and flyer
Event programme and flyer


Maidstone Summer Festival
One Maidstone
Zoë Sparkle – Event Management

‘Enter to win’ flyer

Flyer used during Genesys ‘G-Summit’ in London to capture lead data and promote the upcoming event in Miami.

Flyer front
Flyer front
Flyer reverse with lead capture form
Flyer reverse with lead capture form

Enter to win flyer

Promoting St George’s Day events for ‘One Maidstone’

St George’s Day in England remembers St George, England’s patron saint. The anniversary of his death, which is on April 23, is seen as England’s national day. According to legend, he was a soldier in the Roman army who killed a dragon and saved a princess.

Poster and flyer design, for print and social media, showing locations of activities across the town centre, and programme of events, such as music, arts and crafts, street theatre, morris dancing, and food/drink specials.


St George’s Day in Maidstone poster

Programme and map




St George’s Day in Maidstone
One Maidstone
Zoë Sparkle – Event Management

SpeechStorm year in review

Branded material, photography, and video from over the last 12 months at SpeechStorm.

Year in review

Maidstone arts festival

Good vibes at town’s second annual arts festival.

Promotional video showing events of the day.

Staff lanyard
Staff lanyard

Maidstone arts festival
Zoë Sparkle – Event Management

Creative Challenge

The Creative Challenge is an exciting and inspiring industry-led programme open to all University for the Creative Arts (UCA) students, which tests the applicability of students’ creative ideas against real world demands.

small river poster
Small river, more hazards. Event poster, 2014.


Creative challenge invite and programme, 2014.



A message for the festive holidays, email. 2014.
A message for the festive holidays, digital postcard, 2014.

This project was created under the direction of Hans Dieter Reichert at HDR Visual Communication.

Creative challenge
HDR Visual Communication

‘Raise the Roof’ event promotion

Print and digital promotional material for Raise the Roof, a music event, returning for a one off at The Rafters during Maidstone’s Fringe Festival.

The task also included updating the existing logo, and build a fresh identity to match with the destination and audience.


Raise the Roof poster





Facebook event page

Teaser promos

Band feature of Dorey the Wise and Get Inuit for the Facebook event page.

Band feature of ‘Dorey the Wise’ for the event page

Headline band feature of ‘Get Inuit’ for the event page

Raise the Roof Returns
Zoë Sparkle – Event Management

The history of virtual reality

virtual reality (draft v.1.3)

Infographic for James Dearsley, over at the Digital Marketing Bureau, who has a very keen interest in virtual and augmented reality and its use in the property market.

I have long been fascinated by the use of Virtual Reality in marketing but it is not a new thing and hence we wanted to put something together that covered the history of virtual reality so people can track its transition to where it is today.

There have been many false dawns for the technology but it looks like it is building on solid ground now with both cost effective solutions and a proliferation of mobile devices meaning most of the human population can be a part of the Virtual Reality Movement.

Having said all of that it is important to see just how long and how far the VR journey has been.

– James Dearsley

This is a research to design project, where the client set the theme, this was an interesting task as I had previously limited knowledge of VR and how it is once again at the forefront of new and emerging technology.

The history of virtual reality
The Digital Marketing Bureau

GuidHE/Crest research publication

A 300pp digital publication for GuildHE and Crest, the two recognised representative bodies for Higher Education (HE) in the UK.

GuildHE and Crest’s report – Innovation Systems and the role of small and specialist Higher Education Institutions.

‘GuildHE and CREST have undertaken research in partnership with the OECD and the LEED Programme, encouraged by HEFCE, into the role of small and specialist Higher Education Institutions in stimulating innovation and local, regional, national and international economic growth, profiling case studies from the UK and OECD nations. The report – Innovation systems and the role of small and specialist Higher Education Institutions – which profiles case studies from the UK and OECD nations, will officially be launched at GuildHE’s annual conference at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in November 2014.’

(Source: GuildHE)

This project was created under the direction of Hans Dieter Reichert at HDR Visual Communication.

Innovation Systems and the role of small and specialist Higher Education Institutions
HDR Visual Communication

Baseline Special: Frank Guille

Baseline launches their latest Special. Traditionally the Special is made from overprints from the production of the magazine. This is when the printer runs through paper to clean the machine, reusing some that have been printed on, resulting in text and image overlapping each other. We take these sheets, usually destined for the landfill, fold and bind to create interesting and random compositions.



The prints for the eighth special were lacking… well, any ‘overprints’ but instead featured a multitude of colour defects. I suggested that we create our own overprints in the studio, using the photocopier to print on and manipulate the sheets, we used printing features such as inverting and changing the output colour. The result was very interesting. As each page had to be handled individually the outcome of each print was unique to the other.


Centre page

Baseline Special inside

Read more on the production via the Baseline blog:

Production process – ‘Special 08: Frank Guille’

Special 08: Frank Guille
HDR Visual Communication Ltd

Blueprint for water

Mock-up design website for a water management company.

The design supports a cinematic/newsroom experience, with the use of photography and news headlines, highlighting some of the work and achievements of the company.  A hand-drawn style typeface reflects the humanistic nature of the business, a nod towards how people work together, how the different organisations collaborate to generate positive results. The soft blues and corresponding colour palette communicate calmness and collectiveness.


‘Overall I like the sensitive colour palette used, the use of large, eye-catching imagery and the innovative scrolling banner aesthetic.’

Paul Simms, Reflect Digital

Blueprint for Water

UCA Students’ Union

UCASU is the students’ union for the University for the Creative arts (UCA), a specialist art and design institute in the south of England.l

The SU represents students at a committee level within the University, voicing an opinion and measuring the quality of experience. It is a lifeline to those that need support and also provides opportunities for students to volunteer, take part in sports and clubs, join events and activities.

The campaign

In 2013 I launched a campaign to lead the Students’ Union in a bid to become elected the next ‘Campus Officer’. I called on fellow friends, designers and illustrators, to help me with this campaign.

We parodied a popular meme at the time, ‘How to draw a horse’, which became ‘How to draw David Lewis’.

Campaign flyer, 2013.
Flyer reverse.

During the campaign period, there is a lot of noise, posters cover the walls, flyers litter the hallways and students, the voters, became poster blind.

Whilst developing our strategy we found ourselves tired of seeing the same old paste-ups… everything seems glamorised or decorative, what we wanted was a means to explain our position, our policies, without confusing, with a clear message and subtle suggestion to ‘vote David’.

The result

Life as a Campus Officer

During my time as Campus Officer (Vice President in practice), I was a part of numerous projects which included designing posters, flyers, presentations for training events, surveys, as well as large format POS style boards for research projects.

Students participating in SU survey.
Students participating in SU survey, 2014.
UCASU Infographic
What does the Students’ Union do for you? Infographic, 2014.

Looking back

The student’s union has a semi-established identity, it is aimed at engaging with students on a variety of topics, such as politics, sport, fundraisers, events etc. However, there was no procedural design process to follow – any promotional material was organised and often produced by the officers, or students, with little resources, a variety of styles emerged, often campaigns and activities became sub-brands in a bid to compete with the hundreds of other projects you might find happening at the university. I started in a similar fashion, making bits here and there, it wasn’t consistent and was bogged down by red tape and other malarky. However as a graphic designer I recognised the important of brand recognition, I took onboard the brand and used elements in some of the most recent projects. See below this post for earlier renditions.

In the long run, I think it would be best for the SU to concentrate on using one style, to mould the brand to whatever project or campaign, to provide consistency in what it communicates. It should set up a process to ensure this works, and that new officers in the future can use without fail, using their time effectively to concentrate on helping students, not behind the screen. Perhaps they will be inspired by Spin’s gorgeous rebrand of the University.

3D teaparty mock-up
3D tea party, 2014.
ultimate platter party hanging
Ultimate sandwich platter party, 2013.
Library studio announcement, 2014.

How to be average

University project looking into the theme of ‘normality and averages,’ using optical illusions and visual trickery whilst providing a step-by-step guide on how to be average.

Optical illusions teach us about our visual perception and its limitations. The emphasis here is on beauty, interactive experiments, and attempts at explaining that you can’t always trust what see with your eyes.



The publication is partly satirical/fantasy and non-fiction. It is inspired by an American television crime drama mystery series following a forensic technician who leads a secret parallel life as a vigilante serial killer – Dexter. The project is entertaining as well as eye opening and hopes to convey that what we perceive as average is an illusion and that anything, including people we know, maybe someone/thing entirely different.

Red acetate page inserts, light and colour manipulation. 46pp, A3 ring bound, digital print.












P1540319  P1540301


How to be Average
University for the Creative Arts

Donkey skin (Peu D’Ane)

Winning entry – Donkey Skin/Peu D’Ane competition by ACT network (A Common Territory), selected under the European cross-border cooperation programme INTERREG IV A France (Channel) – England, co-funded by the ERDF.

The illustration is inspired by the set design, the windows towered above the dancers – reflecting light across the stage casting shadows when obstructed. The figure is overshadowed by the towering windows, the overall mood is dark and submissive  – in line with the theme of the original play.

The graphics were incorporated into the title sequence for a documentary about the ACT Project.

Donkey Skin
ACT (A Common Territory) network