Baseline Special: Frank Guille

Baseline launches their latest Special. Traditionally the Special is made from overprints from the production of the magazine. This is when the printer runs through paper to clean the machine, reusing some that have been printed on, resulting in text and image overlapping each other. We take these sheets, usually destined for the landfill, fold and bind to create interesting and random compositions.



The prints for the eighth special were lacking… well, any ‘overprints’ but instead featured a multitude of colour defects. I suggested that we create our own overprints in the studio, using the photocopier to print on and manipulate the sheets, we used printing features such as inverting and changing the output colour. The result was very interesting. As each page had to be handled individually the outcome of each print was unique to the other.


Centre page

Baseline Special inside

Read more on the production via the Baseline blog:

Production process – ‘Special 08: Frank Guille’

Special 08: Frank Guille
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