The history of virtual reality

virtual reality (draft v.1.3)

Infographic for James Dearsley, over at the Digital Marketing Bureau, who has a very keen interest in virtual and augmented reality and its use in the property market.

I have long been fascinated by the use of Virtual Reality in marketing but it is not a new thing and hence we wanted to put something together that covered the history of virtual reality so people can track its transition to where it is today.

There have been many false dawns for the technology but it looks like it is building on solid ground now with both cost effective solutions and a proliferation of mobile devices meaning most of the human population can be a part of the Virtual Reality Movement.

Having said all of that it is important to see just how long and how far the VR journey has been.

– James Dearsley

This is a research to design project, where the client set the theme, this was an interesting task as I had previously limited knowledge of VR and how it is once again at the forefront of new and emerging technology.

The history of virtual reality
The Digital Marketing Bureau