Video and photography for StormGathering

New work added from a telecommunication conference held in London, this was held at the uber-cool Ace Hotel on Shoreditch High Street. The space was well presented and the view was beautiful, especially at night.

Services included print and digital design as well as documenting the day with video/photography. The logo was animated and redesigned to align with the company’s brand.

Presenting Grunts and Grapples

Every day on the way to meet Lara for lunch I walk past Tunbridge Wells Gallery, and I’ve always seen this cool looking poster for this exhibition, it’s just now I actually got round to going in to check it out, sadly, a week before it’s three-month stint at the venue ends.

Grunts and Grapples is a showcase of oldy-time wrestle mania during the golden age of British Wrestling from the 1950s til the 90s. From posters, photography, video, costume and other paraphernalia, it’s an incredible collection of delight and something of a history lesson on something of a bygone era.

Wrestling was a central part of British national life in this period with iconic figures such as Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy appearing in hundreds of UK town halls and theatres night after night as well as featuring on TV. The exhibition explores how the showmanship of wrestling drew on earlier traditions of public entertainment such as music hall and circus and how this informed the development of the cast of characters, storylines and audience participation unique to the sport. 

Through posters, photographs, souvenirs and costumes the exhibition reveals the origins of wrestling’s interplay of sport and spectacle and the development of personas. The portrayal of wrestlers as baddies (heals) or goodies (blue eyes) would be combined with prevailing social narratives of otherness and racial and sexual stereotypes.

Grunts and Grapples

Exhibition graphics
Capturing the fight. These images are not the work of fine art photographers; they are grainy reportage that document another night in another town hall; another night of grunts, grapples, and the occasional angry granny.
Advertising the action. Produced by anonymous printers, earlier works consisted largely of type, but in time photographs were included.
Poster in detail.

For the full collection including more posters, videos and other artefacts, check out the Grunts and Grapples website.

Curated by design historian Kerry William Purcell.

Grunts and Grapples
Tunbridge Wells Gallery
15 September 2016 – 14 January 2017

‘I don’t know what I’m doing’ – A night out with Adobe

This is the go to event to find out about the latest additions to Creative Cloud, and hear the stories of success from luminary speakers.

We had Tom Watkins, D&AD black pencil winner; Marylou Faure, top illustrator; and Dan Germain, the brand director of europe’s largest juice company – Innocent.

Adobe creative meet up took place at Shoreditch Studios, London.
Adobe creative meet up took place at Shoreditch Studios, London.

Tom Watkins

At 21, this guy has achieved a lot, and is a great inspiration for students and graduates. Watkins made his name with his project When I’m a dad, which awarded him a D&AD black pencil and a great deal of exposure.

Watkins kindly gave us a few wise words he swears by, designers of all ages can learn a nugget or two from this guy.

Dan Watkins speaking at Adobe ‘Make it’, creative meet up, July 2016.
Dan Watkins speaking at Adobe ‘Make it’, creative meet up, July 2016.

Marylou Faure

This woman is on fire! Going freelance little over a year ago, this illustrator has really made her mark on the world, with her quirky style and juicy colour palette, this lady is the real deal.

Dan Germain

‘I don’t know what I’m doing’, wise words from a wise man (with wise 60s hair). Germain expressed the importance of having a voice, your own voice, and being true to it. It works for him, it works for Innocent, and everyone that drinks Innocent.

He’s made something as mundane as juice to be the coolest thing to rock this planet. It has even received the seal of approval, in the form of a tapestry, made by one of many loyal ‘fans’. In the words of Germain ‘Does Apple or Nike have a tapestry?’

Innocent pun. Adobe ‘Make it’ creative meet up, July 2016.
Innocent pun. Adobe ‘Make it’ creative meet up, July 2016.

SpeechStorm acquired by Genesys


In December 2015 Genesys acquired SpeechStorm in a move to enhance their omni-channel contact centre solution.

Genesys, is a company that sells customer experience and call centre technology to mid-sized and large businesses. It sells both cloud-based and on-premises software.

Wikipedia (February 2016)

I’ll be working with a new brand in the near future so I thought it appropriate to look back over the year. It was logical for a small company like SpeechStorm to hire a dedicated in-house graphic designer to meet their creative needs, it showed me that the company understood the benefits of, and appreciated, good graphic design. I immersed myself into the brand, becoming a guardian of some sort, leading visual identity decisions and advising on design related queries on UX/UI.

SpeechStorm year in review

Branded material, photography, and video from over the last 12 months at SpeechStorm.