Graphic Designer at SpeechStorm

Software developer SpeechStorm specialise in optimising customer service systems and interactive voice recognition (IVR). They work with some of the biggest players in telecoms, retail, financial services and utilities across the globe.

We have started on completing the brand refresh, which involves working with Tunbridge Wells agency, Yoyo Design, who are working to bring together the company image by defining the visual language and perhaps introducing new communication elements such as a ‘mascot’.

This week, being my first, has already started great. I’ve met some friendly people, talked about some exciting upcoming projects, ate some tasty food and look forward to more. One of the first tasks I worked on was to design the jersey for a group of cyclists at SpeechStorm that are riding 165km from Dunkerque to Roubaix with SpeechStorm in aid of Guide Dogs.