Holistic and imaginative graphic designer with agency and in-house experience.

Branding and visual
identity design

Recognisability, image, proper associations and emotions are the foundation of the company development and proper position on the market of its products and services. To be successful, the company and its product brands must have consistent and well-thought-out identification. They must be associated appropriately.

  • Brand guidelines
  • Logo design
  • Colour palette
  • Typography

Social media

Social media marketing takes more than posting a status update and letting it get buried under a pile of other posts. Creative and engaging graphics turn any social channel into a powerful marketing tool that helps develop and nurture valuable customer relationships.

  • Template design
  • Multi-platform sizing
  • Channel art
  • Animation and video

Print collateral and digital editorial design

Out-of-home advertising

As the market becomes more and more saturated with digital advertising and lost in the noise, promoting your brand outdoors has multiple benefits. It’s accepted by consumers, helps build your brand and keep it top-of-mind, longer life span, maximises exposure, and it is fully customisable beyond standard formats.

Web design

Craft beautiful digital experience for users, that cuts out the fuss and delivers seamless functionality.

Brands today are crafted to be experienced in a multitude of ways. Having an engaging, graceful, robust, responsive and seamless website is a huge part of this. Working in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders, you can use the digital world to create a beautifully designed experience for consumers that puts them at the centre of what you do.

Working together to utilise the brand, its values, and story to create a carefully crafted consumer journey that flows through the website, resulting in a long lasting and enjoyable relationship with the audience.

  • Wire framing
  • High-fidelity mock-ups
  • WordPress CMS


Icons are a crucial part of any design system or product experience. Icons help us quickly navigate. They are language-independent. And best of all: they’re real tiny, so they don’t take up very much real estate. Icons are a fundamental part of a good design system and are very helpful for marketing materials. They’re the foundational building block of illustrated content, but they are also highly technical.

Event production and conference design